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Orchid Mist Healing is a new, truly transformational healing energy technique. It is a channeled, guided healing energy technique. It is based on knowledge gained over twenty plus years in private practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic, training in Spring Forest Qigong, Esoteric Healing, Reiki, and various psychic development courses. Like other healing energy methods, Orchid Mist Healing may be done in person or absentee. In person, the healing may be done hands on with the client seated in a chair or reclining on a massage table. Some of the healing work is done through the energy field. Hands on or hands off, Orchid Mist Healing is felt within the body. The other senses may also be triggered. Clients often report seeing colors during a session. Many hear various sounds, especially musical chimes or bells. Several clients have reported smelling different scents during and after a session. The healing energy of Orchid Mist is able to cross dimensions and frequencies.

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Orchid Mist Healing sessions are unique to each individual. After the initial scan, there is no real set pattern or routine to the healing work. Each session is based on and guided by what the individual's system is asking to be addressed. In some instances, the session may look and feel like a combination of a reading and an energy healing. In some cases, however, the guides may just ask that the portal be opened so healing and information can be downloaded directly to the person receiving the healing.

All photographs on this site were taken by myself. Many are available as blank greeting cards (5x7) and/or as 8x10 matted pictures.Some are available matted and framed.