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Address: Deb Heim
               550 40th Avenue NE
               Columbia Heights, MN 55421
                          ~ or ~
               1959 Sloan Place, Suite 230
               Maplewood, MN 55117

Telephone: (651) 482-9160



You have several options for appointments. I have offices in Columbia Heights and Maplewood, MN. Orchid Mist Healing sessions may be also be done over the phone or absentee. Please call or email me to schedule your appointment. Payment is due at the time of the office appointment. Payment is due before telephone or absentee appointments.

Appointments may be scheduled for 15-, 30- or 45-minute blocks of time. You will receive my findings and instructions at the time when scheduling in clinic to see me. Findings and instructions from a phone or absentee session will be emailed to you after the session is completed.
You may also contact me through my listing at KEEN or by using the call button below. Fees through KEEN are $3.25/minute.
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Dr. Deborah Heim. 550 40th Avenue NE. Columbia Heights, MN 55421.